• Fifth Year Design
    Arch 199.1 & Arch 199.2: A Comprehensive
    Design Project (Pre-Design to Schematic &
    Design Development)

    A final design activity demonstrating
    comprehension of all architectural courses in
    the program.
  • First Year Design
    Arch 10: Foundations of Design

    Design fundamentals involving basic spatial
    and creative design problems.

    Arch 20: Design and Intra-Personal Spaces

    Design exercises involving the body,
    movements and experiences.
  • Second Year Design
    Arch 21: Design and Inter-Personal Spaces

    Design exercises relating spaces with values
    and culture, while emphasizing the role of
    society in the architectural creative process.

    Arch 22: Design and Social Space

    Design exercises relating architecture with
    ethical, political and cultural concerns.
  • Third Year Design
    Arch 31: Site Context and Architecture

    Design exercises highlighting the role of
    context in the creative process of the

    Arch 32: Architecture, Technology and the

    Design exercises emphasizing the
    relationships among architecture, technology
    and the environment, while addressing
    economy and sustainability concerns.
  • Fourth Year Design
    Arch 141 & Arch 142: Integrative Design
    Projects I & II

    Design projects of creative and technical
    levels integrating knowledge and skills
    acquired from all previous and present
    architectural courses.

ADS Academic Thrusts

Future directions are based on a framework that intends to produce graduates that are adequately prepared to proceed to varied fields of practice. The first three years of the BS Architecture degree, comprising of six Architectural Design courses, are geared at basic knowledge that will enable students to appreciate the total realm of architecture. The fourth year delves into design projects which display creative and technical knowledge and skills commensurate to the level. In the fifth year, design theses are presented and critiqued, capping off the architecture program.